We train home base healthcare workers that work in the hospitals, the clinics, the old age Homes and even attend to the private patients in their homes.

We train you for 3 months to become a health care worker. After the training we give you certificate and assist in job placement. You Work together with the nurses under their suppervision in the hospitals, clinics and frail care centres.

You spend one month in the college for theory and two months in the health facilities for practical.

You pay R500 to register plus R2500 deposit before you start class then you pay the balance R2000 before you write your exam and go to the Hospital for practical. The total fee is R5000.

• We give free nursing uniform

• Free theory book

• Free practical book

• We do graduation after training

• Free students name badge

• We take from grade 10. No age limit, no subjects requirements

• If you don't have grade 10 but you are 18 years and above and can read and write English you can register

• We are not promising jobs